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Laboratory of Chemistry & Materials Technology


Head of Lab

Vassilis STATHOPOULOS, PhD, Chemist
Email: vasta[at]uoa[dot]gr
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Lab Members

Pavlos K. PANDIS, PhD, Chemical Engineer

Visiting Lecturer / Research Associate 
Email: ppandis[at]uoa[dot]gr

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Dimitris FRAGKOULIS, MSc, Chemist

 PhD Candidate/Research Associate 
 Email: dimifragkoulis[at]uoa[dot]gr


Paraskevi NANOU, MEng, Chemical Engineer

 PhD Candidate/Research Associate 


Dimitris PERROS, MSc, Mathematician

PhD Candidate/Research Associate 
Email: d[dot]perros[at]outlook[dot]com

Aristofanis VOLLAS, Chemist

PhD Candidate



Maria APTOGLOU, Mining & Metallurgical Engineer

PhD Candidate



Eleftherios TSAMPASIS, PhD Electrical Engineer
Email: etsampasis[at]uoa[dot]gr
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Alumni Members

Spyridon DEPOUNTIS, PhD, Chemist                      

Retired Assistant Professor
Email: depountis[at]uoa[dot]gr

Nikolaos VOURDAS, PhD, Chemical Engineer

Hellenic Aerospace Industry S.A. / Research Associate 
Email: vourdas[dot]nikolaos[at]

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Vasiliki CHALKIA, MSc Material Science Engineer

Berling S.A. / PhD Candidate / Research Associate
Email: vchalkia[at]teiste[dot]gr



Athanasios ZARKADOULAS, PhD, Chemist

University of Groningen / Research Associate
Email: azarkadoulas[at]uoa[dot]gr

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Research Associate TEISTE
Email: dkanel[at]chemeng[dot]upatras[dot]gr
(currently Teaching Fellow at TEI of Ionian Islands &
Research Associate, University of Patras)

Matina PAPAIOANNOU, Chemical Engineer, PhDc

Research Associate 
Email: papaioannou1[at]windowslive[dot]com